Bird Cage Accessories

Learn how perches, toys, swings, tents and other add-ons nurture natural bird behaviors, stimulate their minds, and deepen your bond through play. But what’s the one accessory that helps alleviate loneliness?

Bird Cage Accessories
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A bird cage is more than just an enclosure – it’s your feathered friend’s home. While having a spacious cage is important for providing enough room to fly and play, filling your bird’s abode with fun add-ons and accessories can truly enrich their environment.

Upgrading Your Bird’s Home with Cage Accessories

The right accessories promote natural behaviours, mentally stimulate your bird, and give them daily activities.


Perches allow birds to exhibit natural grasping and climbing behaviours. Provide an assortment of perch widths, materials, and textures to keep their feet healthy and active. Natural wood branches offer variances in shape and size. Rope perches are gentle on the feet, while concrete and mineral perches help wear down nails. Platform perches give them a place to stand and play.


Toys prevent boredom by giving mental and physical stimulation. Choose toys your bird can interact with, like forage toys filled with treats, shredding toys made of wood, paper and sola, noisemakers with bells, and more. Rotate new toys in and out to pique their curiosity. Having several toy types provides enriching variety.

Treat Dispensers

Occupying their bright little minds with treat puzzles and dispensers filled with nuts, fruits, veggies, and pellets challenges them to work for their food. It also slows down eager eaters. Rewarding play time with tasty morsels makes for a very happy bird!

Swings and Tents

Swings allow them to sway and flutter their wings, while tents create hideaways for privacy and sleeping. Both swings and tents satisfy natural nesting instincts. Ensure the size allows entry, swinging, and exit without getting stuck or having wings pinned.

Monitors their location and actions. Mirrors offer imaginary friends and endless playful interactions. Both satisfy their social needs, especially if they are only birds.

The right accessories nurture natural bird behaviours and interests. With enriching add-ons, their cage becomes a beloved home rather than just an enclosure. Discover their favourite activities and accessories to bond more closely with your feathered friend.

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