Fresh Kit Affiliate Disclosure

This affiliate disclosure is designed to give you a better idea how we use links and ads to promote sales of products that we might benefit from financially. is a participant in the following affiliate advertising programmes, designed to provide a means for sites to earn commission fees by advertising and linking to websites, apps, products and services:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the source website at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Links from this website to the above platforms and their partners will generate commission for Fresh Kit when clicked and subsequent purchases are made, when qualifying. This is how we make our money and are able to continue to provide our service.

Most links from this website to other partner websites are what we call “affiliate links”, in that we are affiliated to the merchant or destination website in such a way as to be paid for referring them business. The links in question are generally those referring you to product categories or product listings on partner websites.

Affiliate Disclosure: Editorial Standards

No content on this website is published because it has affiliate benefit, so that we can falsely paint products that pay us to feature in a false light and generate revenue from clicks maliciously or by deception. We only use affiliate links if they are available as a means to benefit and track responses, rather than to make it a condition of the content or links to content featuring on the website in the first place.

Our editorial standards are such that we believe in open, honest reporting, review or comment and will not be bowed by commercial pressure to lie about the efficacy or quality of something in order to feather our nests, so to speak.

Affiliate disclosure: Advertising Standards

We feature adverts from partners and also from general advertisers who wish to pay to be placed on our web pages, or in advertorial content for a fee. These are clearly marked when that is the case.

We will never knowingly feature advertisements from companies or entities that promote terrorism, violence or illegal content. 

We will feature content from advertisers with strong or challenging views, though. If you or your company wishes to advertise with us and we don’t like your views but they are perfectly legal, you may, but only on the understanding that we may express a counter opinion, though.

Debate > Censorship.

We believe in free speech and if somebody makes a great product or provides a great service but happens to support a cause we don’t agree with (but remains perfectly legal), that will not stop us featuring them.

In the same instance, we will never allow an advertiser to feature because of a particular point of view. If we don’t like the product, we won’t feature it just because we like the person. Because we don’t suck.

We are politically neutral and will not allow advertisers to be cancelled for perfectly legal views if someone gets upset that they are on this website. We are all adults and can choose to use or not use this service or an advertiser’s service/product. 

If you discover an advert has appeared that breaks a particular law, we will happily act to remove the content from the website. If you want someone cancelled because they think differently or promote challenging established norms, we will not.

Content is added, modified and removed at our sole discretion and no advertiser, partner or visitor has the power to demand editorial copy is changed to fit their narrative.

By enforcing this type of policy, we are strengthening the editorial balance, credibility and strength of Fresh Kit.

About this affiliate disclosure

This affiliate disclosure is designed to give you a clear picture of how we use partnerships to generate revenue and the conditions under which we do so. The revenue we generate on Fresh Kit is done so in good faith with the principal benefit being to the website itself, allowing us to invest in infrastructure, content development and feature improvements.

This affiliate disclosure was first published in December 2021 and modified to include additional advertiser info on Feb 13th 2022.