How to get font color from website?

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There are a few different ways to get font color from a website. One way is to use the Inspector tool in your browser. Simply right-click on the element you want to inspect and select “Inspect” from the menu.

This will open up the Inspector tool, which will show you the HTML code for the element you selected. From there, you can look for the “color” property and see what value is assigned to it.

Another way to get font color information from a website is to use a web developer tool like the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox. With this toolbar, you can click on the “CSS” tab and then hover over various elements on the page.

This will show you the CSS code that is applied to those elements, including the colour values.

Finally, you can also use a tool like the Chrome ColorZilla extension. With this extension, you can simply click on any element on a page and it will show you the hex code for the colour of that element.

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