Finding the Purrfect Cat Bed

Your cat deserves the best place to curl up and get their zooms out. But with so many cat beds to choose from, how do you know which one will make them purr themselves to sleep? This guide covers everything from shapes and fabrics to heating features and orthopedic supports, so you can find the purrfect match…

Purrfect Cat Beds Guide
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As a cat owner, you want your furry friend to be as comfortable as possible. Providing a high-quality cat bed that meets your cat’s needs and preferences is essential to achieving feline comfort. With so many options on the market, selecting the purrfect cat bed can be overwhelming.

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Cat Beds for Every Feline Friend

This guide will walk you through the key considerations when shopping for a cat bed so you can confidently choose one that both you and your cat will love.

Determine Your Cat’s Sleep Style

Just like people, cats have unique sleep styles and preferences. Take some time to observe how your cat likes to sleep before shopping for a bed. Important factors to note are whether they prefer sleeping curled up in a ball, sprawled out on their side or back, tucked away in an enclosure, elevated off the ground, etc.

\Their typical sleep position will determine what bed shapes and features to look for. For example, enclosed dome beds work well for cats who like to nestle inside cosy spaces, while flat pads or cushions are better for stretched-out sleepers.

Consider Size, Shape & Materials

In addition to matching your cat’s sleep positions, you also want to select a cat bed that is appropriately sized for your cat. Measure your cat from head to tail in a typical sleeping position to determine the ideal diameter. It should be large enough for them to move around quickly without being overly spacious.

The shape and exterior materials are other essential considerations for feline comfort. Common shapes include round, rectangular, and cocoon. Different materials like faux fur, microsuede, cotton, and microfiber allow for varying softness, breathability, and warmth.

Consider when and where the bed will be used to choose suitable shapes and fabrics. For example, enclosed beds with super soft interiors are great for cold weather, making cats feel extra cosy.

Elevated and Heated Beds

Consider an elevated cat bed or an integrated heating element to provide optimal lounging comfort. High beds lift your cat 6-12 inches off the floor so they don’t have to lay on cold, hard surfaces.

They’re better for older cats or those with joint pain. Meanwhile, heated beds contain a subtle internal heating element — battery-operated or electric — to keep your cat nice and toasty even when temperatures drop. Both are excellent for promoting circulation and peaceful cat naps.

Cleaning Considerations

Cats can bring a lot of dirt, hair, and odours into their beds. To maintain hygiene and extend usage, pay attention to the cleaning requirements.

Some beds have removable covers that can quickly be removed and thrown in the washing machine. Others may only be surface washable. If you have an outdoor cat that tends to get muddy, choosing one with a removable cover is best for simplifying cleaning.

Location, Location, Location

Where you plan to place your cat’s new bed is one of the most essential purchasing criteria. We recommend having multiple beds throughout your home in your cat’s favourite relaxation spots—near windows to support bird watching, next to human seating areas so they can lounge beside you, etc.

Think of your home from your cat’s perspective when selecting locations.

Pay attention to the type of floors where you will set the bed. Beds with non-slip bottoms are essential for slick hardwood or tile environments to prevent sliding. Heavy non-slip bottoms can make moving and repositioning the beds more difficult if placed on the carpet.

Also, consider potential privacy appeals to your cat. Some beds have canopies or partial enclosures for added security, while others remain open.

Special Health Considerations

Senior cats and those with special medical conditions have additional needs that demand specialised bed features catering to joint support, anxiety relief, and overall wellness.

Orthopaedic beds provide extra padding and support, which benefits arthritic or elderly cats. Anxious cats prefer beds with protective enclosures and raised rims to give a sense of security.

Speak to your vet about age-related health or behavioural issues to guide your choice.

Popular Cat Bed Styles

Not sure where to begin when facing the surplus of cat bed options? Here is an overview of some of the most popular styles:

  • Plush pillow beds: Round, oval or rectangular cushions filled with polyester stuffing. Often covered in soft faux fur or fleece with an inner lining. Great for stretching out.
  • Enclosed/hooded beds: Dome or pod-shaped beds with an entrance hole allowing cats to nestle inside. Usually made from plush fabrics with ultra-soft interiors. Provide a sense of security.
  • Window perches: Bench-style beds positioned near windows for sunbathing and entertainment. Long rectangular cushions covered in cosy fabrics with raised rims for added comfort. Must be placed securely so they don’t fall.
  • Heating pads: Flat electric pads made with Materials that radiate soothing warmth. Covered in soft, removable exterior covers. Ideal for arthritic cats and cold weather.
  • Cat hammocks/swings: Suspended beds made from fabric, mesh or faux fur that hang from pet activity trees or stationary stands. Allow for gentle rocking and swinging motions.
  • Cat condos: Multi-tier enclosed beds built into towers with hideaways, scratching posts, dangling toys and perches. All-in-one entertainment units.

Key Features to Look For

As you search through the multitude of available cat beds, keep this checklist of beneficial features and components in mind for creating exceptional comfort:

  • Machine washable, removable covers for simplified cleaning
  • Plush, soft interiors and padded cushioning or orthopaedic foam bases
  • Non-slip, skid-resistant bottom layer to avoid sliding
  • Partial or complete protective enclosures and raised edges for security
  • Heating or cooling elements to maintain ideal temperature
  • Durability with high-quality, long-lasting construction
  • Appropriate weight and stability so the bed doesn’t shift or topple
  • Stylish design made from attractive, pet-safe materials to complement your home decor

Putting It All Together

Finding the perfect cat bed takes careful consideration, but the investment of time is well worth it. Your cat will thank you for prioritising their sleep and providing them with places to lounge in ultimate comfort.

When deciding, analyse their current sleeping positions, ideal locations, health factors, and interior home environment. Additionally, carefully consider the shape, size, fabric, and special features like heating or elevation that would be most beneficial.

With well-made cat beds strategically placed around your home, you can give your feline the gift of sleeping in style and enhanced well-being.

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