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9 Great Cross Trainers to Smash That Cardio Workout at Home in 2023

We take a look at 9 top cross trainers that are designed for domestic use and will help you to smash that cardio workout at home in 2023

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Cross Trainers are cardio machines, also known as elliptical trainers that help you keep fit and fight the flab in the gym. We take a look at 9 top cross trainers that are designed for domestic use and will help you to smash that cardio workout at home in 2023.

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Cross Trainer 1 - Dripex

Dripex Elliptical Cross Trainer 

Great Value Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer 2 - Viavito

VIAVITO Sina Elliptical Cross Trainer

Stylish Mid-priced Machine

Cross Trainer 3 - DKN

DKN XC-190 Elliptical Cross Trainer

Advanced Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer 4 - Nordictrack

NordicTrack Elliptical Commercial Series

Pro-quality Trainer

Cross Trainer 5 - adidas

adidas Cross Trainer

Top brand Trainer

Cross Trainer 6 - Zipro

Zipro Unisex – Adult Magnetic Cross Trainer

Stylish Cross Trainer

Cross Trainer 7 - Therun

THERUN Elliptical Cross Trainer

Popular choice

Cross Trainer 8 - Reebok

Reebok Cross Trainer

Top brand cross trainer

Cross Trainer 9 - Body sculpture

Body Sculpture BE5916 Dual-Action Air Elliptical Cross-Trainer

Adjustable Air Resistance

What are Cross Trainers?

Cross trainers are cardiovascular training machines that help you walk, run, or climb hills while protecting your joints and reducing the consequences of the striking impact on your knees.

They also come with a variety of resistance settings, allowing you to easily increase or decrease the intensity of your workout as your fitness level improves or declines.

Most cross-trainers have an adjustable seat so you can find one that fits your body and your workout routine. They also have a wide range of programs and settings, from manual to pre-programmed, so you can find one that fits your fitness goals and schedule.

They work in a similar way to treadmills, but instead of walking or running along a plane with only speed and angle as the resistance, cross trainers provide resistance in both the arms and the legs, to give you a different, more full-body kind of cardio workout.

Some Features of Cross-Trainers

Cross Trainers are also known as ellipticals because of the type of motion they perform when in use. To mimic human movement, they rotate around an axis in an elliptical movement. They have independent arm and leg ellipses so that the movement feels more natural.

As resistance is applied through both the arms and legs, more effort is required to keep pace which produces a great cardio workout and can be set up in lots of different ways so that you can tailor your workout around a specific goal:

  • fat burning,
  • interval training,
  • against the clock,
  • constant speed/changing resistance
  • constant resistance/changing speed
  • and more, depending on the model.

Most cross trainers have programmes built in to provide heart rate monitoring, average pace, current speed and calories burned. Some come equipped with advanced software that provides a virtual tour of streets, mountain ranges and lakeside settings to give you the experience of being out on a run or walk.

What are the Benefits of Cross-Trainers?

Cross trainers are versatile machines that offer a few key benefits that would suit those looking to lose weight without injury, or tone and strengthen themselves using resistance alongside a cardio routine.

One of the key benefits of using a cross-trainer is that it can help to tone and sculpt the legs, buttocks and abdominal muscles.

Additionally, cross-trainers are low impact, meaning they put less strain on the joints than other types of cardio equipment such as treadmills. This makes them ideal for people who are looking for a workout that is gentle on the body.

Another benefit of cross-trainers is that they provide a full-body workout, as they work both the upper and lower body simultaneously. This is a great way to burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Are they safe on your joints?

Cross trainers are much less stressful on your joints than other cardio machines, which helps minimise the risk of injury from poor form or impacts.

Can I get a full body workout with one?

They give you a full body workout, so are more efficient than other kinds of equipment, because using them requires both arms and legs to be engaged in the motion.

Are they worth it for weight loss?

Elliptical machines are ideal for weight loss programmes because you can exert yourself a lot more in the same amount of time than if you were using a machine which works arms or legs separately.

I don’t want to just run all the time, can you change your workout?

One of the great benefits of a cross trainer is its customisability when it comes to the workouts you want to do. They generally come fitted with computers that allow you to programme the intensity and variation in your workout, so whatever you want to do you can achieve it. Be it resistance, speed or climb, you can alter the combinations to fine tune your workout just the way you want it.

In summary

We hope you found this information useful and helpful in your journey to purchasing your ideal cardio machine for your home. We picked these items because whilst they may not be the cheapest cardio machines on the market, they represent great value and you won’t go far wrong with any of them as you look for the right fit for your home health and fitness regime.

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Getting your exercise needs to be something that keeps you interested and engaged. Cross trainers are a great way to keep cardio training challenging and fun, whilst keeping it varied so you don’t just give up and leave the kit in the corner catching dust. All the best in your hunt and we hope to see you again soon.

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