Pallet Wood: 6 Creative Ways To Use in DIY

Creative Ways to Use Pallet Wood: A DIY Guide Pallet wood is abundant, inexpensive, and usually superb quality wood. It’s often overlooked as a source of usable wood. Many people assume that if they spot pallets at the curb, they should just get rid of them rather than take advantage of their potential. However, there…

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Creative Ways to Use Pallet Wood: A DIY Guide

Pallet wood is abundant, inexpensive, and usually superb quality wood. It’s often overlooked as a source of usable wood. Many people assume that if they spot pallets at the curb, they should just get rid of them rather than take advantage of their potential.

However, there are many creative ways to use pallet wood that can make your space more inviting, safe for pets and small children, and eco-friendly too!

If you’ve never thought about it before or maybe you’re wondering what you can actually do with pallets instead of letting them sit in your yard collecting dust, then you’ll love this DIY guide on how to use pallet wood in creative ways in your home. You’ll find 6 easy ideas to implement right away!

How to take apart a wood pallet

The main reason why people get rid of pallets is that they’re too large to be useful. Pallets are made to be easily deconstructed, and they can be easily cut into smaller pieces to be used elsewhere.

You can take a pallet apart by using a saw. You can also cut a pallet in half using a pry bar. If it’s too large to be easily deconstructed, you might be able to use it as a pallet stage. The easiest way is to use a dedicated pry bar, as described in the video above.

Pry bars are inexpensive and do a great job of taking apart pallets with the wood intact, reducing the splitting from the nails.

Once you’ve broken the pallet up, bash all the nails out with a hammer and job’s a good ‘un, you’re ready to rock and roll.

Here are some more utilitarian ideas on what you can do with a pallet apart from using it as a pallet stage:

  • Use it to store outdoor furniture or gardening tools. In fact, pallets make excellent tool racks.
  • Fix up old furniture or appliances. You can use pallets to build shelves, shelves for your garage or pantry, or even replace a broken wall in your small space.
  • Make a pet pen. Pallets make excellent pet pens.
  • Use it to build a chicken coop.

You can also make tables, chairs, or other wooden furniture.

How to paint pallet wood

Pallet wood is made from wood that has already been used in furniture manufacturing. While it’s a great material for you to create something new, you can also look at it as a way to mend, paint, or refinish your furniture.

The easiest way to paint pallet wood furniture is to invest in a paint sprayer. Even with 2 or 3 coats it’ll take you about half the time or less than using a brush or roller, as shown in the video above.

Pallet wood is also great for painting because it dries quickly and doesn’t warp or shrink. If you have a pallet that you’re not sure what to do with it, you can paint it and use it as a seating or storage item instead.

Here are some great ideas on what to do with pallet wood that you can incorporate while painting it:

  • Make a pallet desk or pallet stool.
  • Make a pallet step or ladder. You can also use large pallets to make a climbing wall.
  • Make a pallet bed or pallet futon.
  • Make a pallet garden. You can make a trellis, a pallet planter, a fence, or add a pallet planter to your yard.
  • Make a pallet wall art. Pallets are great for making wall art because they’re sturdy and can support objects.

Pallet wood cladding

If you want to transform a boring old fence or wall into something unique and interesting, pallet wood cladding is a great option for you. You can use pallet wood cladding to add a decorative touch to your home exterior. It’s a perfect way to create a unique and personal exterior design, whether it’s for your home or business.

Once you have your pallet wood boards, you can use them to create a variety of designs and designs. You can make a wall mural, a trellis, or a gate. You can also use pallet wood boards to create a fence or a privacy wall. In this video (above) you can follow the process as a new wall is built and clad in pallet wood. You’ll need a few tools but it’s a pretty straightforward process and the results look fantastic.

Pallet wood walkway

Another great idea on how to use pallet wood is to create a pallet wood walkway. A walkway is usually a transition piece between your lawn and the rest of your home exterior. It can also be a walkway between your home exterior and your home interior, or a long garden path. Check out this video where a guy with zero experience and a lot of pallet wood made a beautiful pallet wood walkway:

If you want to create a unique walkway that is also eco-friendly and free, you can use pallet wood boards for this purpose. All you have to do is to arrange the boards so that they’re leaning towards each other. You can also paint, stain or treat the boards to make them last longer and  look even more appealing.

Make a bench from pallet wood

You can create a bench from any length of pallet. You can make it long or short, depending on your preference.

You can make a bench from pallet wood by cutting the bench at the desired length and width. The bench should be wide enough to support the weight of people.

In case you want to make a long bench, cut the board into four pieces instead of two. Cut the length of the bench as desired. Now, you can start assembling the bench by attaching the legs to the bottom of the bench. Next, you can attach the top of the bench by nailing it to the legs. You can paint the bench to add some colour to it. If you want, you can stain the bench to give it a different colour.

A low pallet wood bench is a great way to bring in a rustic feel to your garden or patio. All you have to do is to take a few boards from an old pallet and build a sturdy bench using wood screws and wood planks. You can also build a low pallet wood table with the same boards.

Pallet wood art

If you want to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that is made from pallet wood, there are many things that you can do.

Most people will start with a sketch and then move onto cutting the pieces. The second step that you need to take is sanding the pieces down so that it is smooth. After this, you will want to stain the wood.

This will give it a nice finish and make it look beautiful. Then, you will want to seal the piece of pallet wood. This will give it a nice protective finish and make it last longer. After this, you can add your own special touch. You can do this by painting it or by adding your own design.

You can also paint an image on a pallet and create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. You can also carve or engrave an image on a pallet.

Make a DIY pallet wood fence

The pallet wood fence is another great idea on how to use pallet wood. You can create a pallet wood fence using a single board or using pallets that have been cut in half. It’s very important to make sure that the boards are spaced evenly. You can also paint the boards to make them look more appealing.

It’s a low-cost fence option, and it’s very easy to make. All you need to do is cut the wood into fence boards. Get some nails, and then nail the wood boards together to make a fence. If you want to stain or paint the fence, do it now, before you put the nails in. You can put landscape fabric under the pallet fence to make it look nicer.

Use old pallets to make a pallet wood floor

If you have old pallets lying around, they can be used to create a new floor in your home. All you have to do is cut the pallets into pieces, stain or paint them to match your décor, and install them in your home to create a new floor. You can cut the floor pieces to the length you need, nail them down, and you have a new floor with a cost that’s much lower than flooring.

Using pallets to create a new floor is a great way to save money and use an old piece of wood in a new way. You can cut the lumber into the lengths you need, stain or paint it to make it look nice, and add a new floor to your home with a little creativity.


Pallet wood is an inexpensive and abundant resource that can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it to build pallet boards, create a pallet wood fence, create a pallet wood floor, or even create a one-of-a-kind pallet wood art piece.

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