Portable Electric Back Massager – Krafty RM-099

This portable, electric back massager from Donnerberg is a practical answer to common neck, foot and back conditions. Find out why here…

Electronic Back Massager - Krafty RM-099 | Lady sitting in office chair with massager at base of back
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The Electric Back Massager You Can Take With You

Neck, foot, and back pain are common conditions that can be devastating to your work or personal life. The Krafty RM-099 from Donnerberg is a practical answer to the problem of keeping your muscles relaxed with a busy lifestyle.

What makes Donnerberg’s RM-099 portable electric back massager unique is that it offers two distinct kinds of massage (shiatsu and percussion) in a single device, as well as infrared heat for enhanced comfort.

  • 10 massage heads
  • Infrared heat
  • Shiatsu massage
  • Tapping massage
  • 3 years warranty

It is manufactured according to the highest German quality standards and has a TUV safety certification.

Massage before work, at work or after work. The Krafty RM-099

RM-099 portable massagers come with a 3-year warranty and a hassle-free exchange policy. They are compact and lightweight, making them convenient to use at home, work or while travelling. The massagers are suitable for people of all ages, especially those with health issues like muscle pain, joint pain, back pain, etc.

They also come with multiple massage modes – normal, slow, fast, etc. – to suit different needs. The devices are versatile and can be used on various body parts such as the neck, arms, legs, back, shoulders, etc.

What makes these massagers even more special is that they come with a heat function for added relaxation.

About the Krafty Portable Back Massager

Using this portable electric back massager, you can compress and soothe your muscles and help relieve your backache.

Being portable, you can take it anywhere and enjoy a relaxing foot, shoulder or back massage on your timetable, whenever you have a moment free. It’ll help you to develop better moods, higher productivity and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest.

Having a back massager in your home, office, or vehicle can assist you to cope with back discomfort. It will not just assist you to alleviate pain but also provide you with a comforting deep-tissue massage whenever your body requires it.

This portable massager includes 10 massaging nodes. eight massaging nodes will provide you with a rejuvenating shiatsu massage, and the remaining two will provide an intensive massage with a tapping function.

When you turn on the massager, shiatsu massaging will start automatically. After one minute, tapping will begin. You can alter the massaging options at any time to accommodate your specific back massaging needs.

About Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a massaging technique that uses pressure and deep finger probing to stimulate the flow of blood and energy through your body. Shiatsu massage is often used as a stress-relieving technique, and it is often recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia.

It is meant to be a slower, more deliberate massage technique to work on specific areas of the body where energy might be blocked. For many, a shiatsu massage is more relaxing than a Swedish massage, and it may be the best massage for insomnia. Shiatsu massage is often done with your clothes on, although some people prefer to receive it without clothes so that the therapist can press their fingers against specific points on your body.

The Krafty RM-099 provides this massage technique to great effect with its in-built massage heads, to give you a relaxing, stress-relieving massage.

Why is a Shiatsu Back Massager Beneficial?

In addition to providing a deep tissue massage, a shiatsu back massager is very effective at delivering oxygen and nutrition to strained muscle groups, which will accelerate the recovery process and increase spinal movement, allowing you to move more freely.

The  RM-099 features independent infrared heating, which you may combine with deep kneading massage to relieve your tense muscles. Infrared heat is provided in low and high-intensity varieties, giving you total control.

We believe that this back massager is the best option for knot and tension relief since it provides customized heating in addition to varied massaging intensity. This compact massager will fit perfectly behind your back and neck as well as under your legs and feet.

The Krafty RM-099 can not only be used as a wonderful back massager, but also as a foot massager to improve circulation and reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Now you can work from the office or relax at home without feeling uncomfortable or experiencing pain in your neck, back, or feet using the Donnerberg portable massager.

Why Choose this Electric Massager?

This device is very beneficial if you have back pain or stiffness. For athletes or people who engage in strenuous activities, this device works well on calves and thighs. The percussive massage can be quite powerful.

You can use this device to massage any part of your back, and the shiatsu function is particularly good at relaxing muscles. You’ll be amazed at how effective and easy to use this device is. It taps in addition to massaging, thereby relaxing muscles even more.

An intensive massage is precisely what this device is designed for. You will see significant results if you have a tight or sore back. This device is also excellent for a brief massage while you are at work.

This massager is compact and easy to transport. Even a short 15 minutes of massage every day makes a big difference for people with busy schedules. Sit down in your chair, turn on the massager, adjust it to your preference, and enjoy!

Electronic back massager RM-099
Electronic back massager RM-099

RM-099 Electric Back Massager

  • 2 intensity levels of infrared heat
  • Small and handy
  • Tapping massage
  • 3 year warranty

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ✨ Rated 4.94 / 5 based on 19 customer reviews

About Donnerberg

Donnerberg is a German firm that operates in Europe. They focus on developing and providing the highest quality health and relaxation items. From initial ideation to production and sales, Donnerberg controls every aspect, and for that reason they can satisfy all of their clients’ demands.

Visit their website: www.donnerberg.net

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