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Crystal Cove Mini is an epoxy wood art project, hand-made using a combination of European olive wood and custom-mixed epoxy resin that is inspired by…

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Crystal Cove Mini is an epoxy wood art project, hand-made using a combination of European olive wood and custom-mixed epoxy resin that is inspired by the crystal clear waters of Greek beaches in the summer.

It is the second in a series of blue epoxy resin art projects that forms part of a range of exclusive wood art creations by Fresh Kit.

How we make our epoxy wood art

This unique, one-of-a-kind art piece would look great in any home or office and can be displayed either horizontally or vertically to suit your preference. When it comes to uniqueness, this piece is hard to beat!

The process of creating this one-of-a-kind art piece starts with selecting and drying the olive wood until it is under 10% moisture. This process can take a couple of years. 

Then, the piece is cut to size and shape before being placed into a pouring mould. The epoxy resin is mixed and poured into the mould, where it hardens over 24 hours. It’s crucial to keep the temperature constant and humidity low during this process. It’s also essential to cover the piece to keep dust and bugs out of the mixture!

Once the epoxy is set and cured, the piece is then removed from the mould and placed onto a workbench where it is flattened with a router, using a specially made jig to ensure a consistent surface on both sides. The router bit is then changed and the edge profile is created.

The next step in the manufacturing process is to sand, buff and polish through the grits, starting at 40 grit and going steadily up through the grits to 180grit on the wood and 2000grit on the epoxy. Once at 2000grit, the epoxy is polished with a special 2-step compound, then buffed to a high satin sheen.

The last step is to treat the wood with a proprietary mix of beeswax and mineral oil, specially mixed to a ratio that ensures maximum protection and lustre, giving the piece a long lasting and eye-popping finish.

Why beeswax and mineral oil to finish epoxy wood art?

We use this because it makes the item food safe for use in the kitchen. It’s very popular for epoxy wood art to be used as food presentation boards.

Cut cold meats and cheeses look incredible on these handmade boards and they make a great impression that style-conscious buyers find irresistible.

The reason we use these two substances in combination is that:

a) the beeswax seals the wood, preventing water ingress that might dull or damage the wood and preventing bacteria build-up, making the boards much more hygienic.

b) The mineral oil brings out the wood grain, making it look simply stunning. It is safe to use on surfaces where food is placed.

Bespoke epoxy wood art

Whether you are looking for unique gifts for your home and office, a unique and inspiring gift for your loved ones, or just want something original to display on your desk, Fresh Kit has got you covered with our bespoke epoxy wood art.

The crystal cove mini is a stunningly beautiful and unique piece of wood art that demonstrates the quality and potential of commissioning a bespoke epoxy art piece. If you would like to have one made for your own home or business, please feel free to contact us for a quote.

An epoxy art piece will make a great display piece, serving as a beautiful addition to the home décor. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece of fine wood art that people will ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at. With Fresh Kit you can request a unique piece of wood art in any size, shape or colour, with a variety of hardwoods available.

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